VincentVanGothe (IT)

Going in and seeing the 2017 film I was deathly afraid of clowns. My friends thought it would be hilarious to take me to this movie and see how I reacted, the first time I was curled up in a ball sobbing through several scenes. By the second time I watched it I’d gone back and seen the 1990’s film and purchased the book as well. I’ve watched IT 7 times now and Pennywise has become a character I’ve grown to love. I decided to take him back out for Ikkicon because I wanted to see how people would react to the costume if I was scarier looking and I was not disappointed.

The first time I decided to make him it was incredibly last minute so he was thrown together in about a week and a half. And the day I wore him to the con I was still putting his pants together that morning. He was made out of scrap fabric, two pairs of pants, and a skirt I already had on hand. I also tea dyed all of the costume to give it more of an aged look so everything matched each other, but I still have lots of work to do still. 

The first con was Fandays back in October and I terrified several people. One of my favorite interactions was when a few people asked me to scare their friend, he and I made eye contact after I handed off a few of my props to friends and I dropped down on all fours like I was going to attack him and the guy took off running, he passed two isles then turned and was screaming the whole time. Kids came up to me several times as well to my surprise and wanted pictures. At Ikkicon I got bombarded with a lot of pictures once I was bending weirdly on the con floor and posing. Overall I think he’s been a huge success. 


Photo: AllTheseDangPancakes

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