Bishop from X-Men // Cosplayer : Marcel (left) // Photo : Smoovecosplaya

I really have no clue when the idea for The Bishop came from. Cosplay, like role playing games is built on a million character ideas. Some are great and some bad. Most ideas you get excited about, but never come into fruition. The Bishop was conceived by late night binge watching the 90’s X-Men cartoon. I remembering texting a friend about Bishop dressed as a bishop, and he sent a sketch a few days later. Seeing a bizarre idea drawn on paper was the push I needed to actually make it. 

The first run of The Bishop was awful. I procrastinated until a week before DragonCon 2018 and hastily assembled it. I learned two lessons.1) Polyester on bare skin is a “no” in an Atlanta summer. 2) People love a costume built on puns. The reaction I received convinced me to exactly rebuild a cosplay for 2019.

My cosplay skills are slightly better than non-beginner, so making a costume involves online commissions, repurposed materials, and bribery of friends. The best find for the costume was the cassock I purchased from a former seminary student and dyed blue. I’m already thinking of ways to improve him.

Cosplay has pushed me out of my comfort zone in several ways. I’ve become friends with people of varying lifestyles. Fitness and well being have become central to my life. I’m a happier and better person because of cosplay.

2019 was the 13th year I’ve been to DragonCon, but I have only been cosplaying for the last five years. DragonCon is one of those rare magical places where all sects of nerdom meet. It’s such a fan led enterprise, that it’s hard not find something you’ll enjoy. Live Action Role Playing was my gateway to cosplay. LARP gave me the ability to explore different aspects of myself. Cosplay let’s showcase the more aesthetic side.