The Genie from Aladdin : Donnie I have been cosplaying the Genie for about five years now.  I began working on him because Robin Williams is my celebrity hero and I have loved the character since I was young.  I wanted to do a character that wasn’t seen at cons Continue Reading


Partners Statue from Disney World : Mollie Tees / Photo : DisPopShow My dad had gone to a Halloween event as Walt Disney one year and it occurred to me to take it to the next level and try doing the statue of Disney. I asked my dad for about Continue Reading


Wonder Woman : Sheik I grew up watching Wonder Woman with Linda Carter in it because my mom loved watching the show. I loved how beautiful, smart and tough she was. Everything you kind of want to be but hardly see in shows with women. You may have pretty, you Continue Reading


Ripley from Aliens : Allison Chase Makeup // Photo : ComixXcosplay “Aliens” is a very popular movie, so there were lots of fans who love seeing cosplays from that film. It was one of the tallest costumes at the con so it even got a lot of attention from people who Continue Reading