Adrien Mason (Sailor Marceline)

The Sailor Marceline costume was a mix of the Simplicity SchoolGirl pattern and the Magical Girl pattern. In all honesty, if I could go back and do it again, I would do it much differently. The bodice piece was made of basic four-way stretch cotton. The skirt fabric was hand ombré dyed and bedazzled grey pleather upholstery fabric. I chose this fabric due to its inherent non-flexibility and plastic blended fibers. I knew this fabric would be able to hold up the amount of material I planned to heap upon the skirt, glitter and gems alike.

The base of the large ax that accompanied my costume was commissioned from my lovely friend Idris_Ennis on Instagram who gave me a smooth and well-rounded base to work with. This made the crunched creation process much easier on me in the long run. The boots were initially plain black gogo boots from my very early cosplay days. I coated the boot in red leather paint followed by a layer of spray matte varnish to keep it sealed down. I mixed craft glitter with Matt mod-podge to make the dripping effects. Finally, the wig was an Amazon wig that I styled and turned into my first glued front wig!

—- Adrien Mason

Photo : Ambarts Cosplay

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