Alexis (Sailor Snow)

People seemed to like Sailor Snow during her debut! Funny enough, the day I debuted her at Anime Expo, there was a Disney Sailor Scout group (who all looked so fabulous and wonderful); because they were in a group and I was an individual, I admittedly didn’t get that much attention, but that’s totally fine. I was just so happy to cosplay Sailor Snow after wanting to do it for so long! I got a majorly positive response from my followers when I started posting pictures though, which made me really happy.

I got the idea for Sailor Snow when I saw the art by Drachea Rannak on FB and saw other people do Disney Scouts cosplay groups. Drachearnnak’s designs for all the Disney characters are just so pretty and cute and it combines two of my favorite things – Disney and Sailor Moon! So ever since I saw the design, I knew I wanted to cosplay her as well. I do hope to one day get a group together, but I mainly just wanted to be Sailor Snow. 

Since I don’t know how to sew or style wigs, I turned to the Internet (as I normally do for all cosplays, haha). Finding the wig was easy; I got mine from Princessoire Boutique on Etsy and I absolutely love it. As for the actual cosplay, I turned to Cosrea since I knew they did a lot of custom work. I’ve had a couple of cosplays made by them before, so I knew I could trust them. I did commission to make the shoes, but when I got them, they were unfortunately too small for my big feet. Luckily, I had a backup ready from Amazon, so a crisis was avoided. 

Cosplay has really helped me make a lot of friends I never would have met otherwise. I have met so many amazing people at cons, some who are now great friends! Also, cosplay has helped my self-esteem a LOT; I’ve really learned to come out of my shell and not be bothered by what people think. I used to think that, as a plus-sized girl, I could only be plus-size characters or had to be characters that covered themselves up. Three years ago, when I first started cosplaying, I NEVER would have considered Sailor Snow White. I would have told you I was too fat or not pretty enough. Now? I’ll cosplay whoever I want because I’m doing this for me, not to please some random, rude strangers on the Internet. 


Photo : DapperHatter87

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