Kass from the Legend of Zelda ; Breath of the Wild // Cosplayer : @analilia_music // Photographer : @RJ_Para

So I actually came up with the idea of Kass when I was preparing for MagFest 2019. It was my first MagFest and I was told how there were people playing instruments in the hallways and there were even rooms dedicated to jamming. I couldn’t exactly carry a full-size keyboard (piano is my main instrument) so I decided to bring my accordion since that was more portable. I’ve owned an accordion since 2016, but I haven’t really practiced it until I decided to go to MagFest. I started practicing accordion like crazy. I remember loving Kass’s theme so I decided to learn to play that on accordion. It is actually a REALLY difficult music for accordion and I learned that the hard way. So here was I, a total newb to the accordion wanting to learn difficult music. I was also learning other video game music as well like the Tetris Main Theme and Rosalina’s Theme from Super Mario Galaxy. I basically tried to learn as much music as possible from! I wound up practicing 2-3 hours a day during the summer of 2019.  As MagFest approached, I wanted to cosplay. I was always into cosplaying and I’ve cosplayed at Katsucon twice, before. That was when I got the wonderful idea to cosplay as Kass and bring my accordion!

My cosplay went through a lot of changes! A whole fur-suit would make playing accordion impractical so I decided to be like a “human Kass”. It was mostly put together with outfits I’ve purchased online such as the corset and blue blouse. I tried to do as little sewing as possible because I am a busy graduate student. I did hand-painted the designs of green scarf that is wrapped on my back. I am quite proud of that! The shoulder pads are made of eva foam and painted with just acrylic paint.

 I just find it interesting that people are so fascinated by my accordion! I guess you just don’t see accordionists at cons. I am not used to getting attention so it’s always surprising when someone asks to take a picture of me or record a video. It’s very flattering and I’m so happy people enjoy my playing! Also, I was playing the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time shop theme at the merchant hall and artist alley. It was to improve the shopping experience. People got a kick out of that and the reactions were great. People were smiling and laughing.

 I see myself primarily as a musician, but cosplaying really introduced a new world to me. I remember when I went to my first Katsucon in 2014, I was mind-blown by all the cosplayers. I didn’t know there was a place for people to dress up as their favorite characters. From then on, I went to Katsucon as often as I could and even started attending Otakon. I only cosplayed twice, but it was a lot of fun and I got to be with awesome people who enjoyed the same stuff as I did. I am very thankful for my friend who brought me to my first anime convention.


I stopped @analilia_music (IG) for a photo and they started playing!! Blew me away, this was so cool! 💞😭 ##kass ##botw ##kassbotw ##accordian

♬ original sound – toko_bird