Ryo from Devilman Crybaby // Cosplayer : AngryRoni

When I first cosplayed Ryo, I felt incredibly proud and was thinking, “wow, I want to show this to people!” So since then, I knew I wanted to take the cosplay to a convention. I think the reason I liked it so much as I was able to get creative with the makeup and contacts which I loved. Thankfully, a lot of the outfit came out of my closet! However, I didn’t have the prop gun until the night before as I painted it on my bedroom floor right before I went to bed… talk about a con crunch!

Something that I ran into a lot during the con was continually having to say, “oh no, I’m fine! I’m all good!” to people asking if I was alright because apparently my makeup and contacts made me look automatically angry. I also did take a tumble or two with my platform shoes.

I wouldn’t know what I would be doing without cosplay; it has taken over my life but in a very positive way. It helped me become more creative, from making new makeup looks and sewing outfits to feeling confident in my skin! It’s a feeling I am so glad I learned, especially being able to share it with my other friends who I’ve met through conventions.

Youmacon is definitely one of my favorite cons, and I find myself going to it every single year and never getting tired of it. It’s in the safest and most beautiful spot of Detroit by the water; it has so many beautiful areas to take photos, a great game room that I get lost in, and so much more. The atmosphere is always so welcoming, and I recommend anyone in the Midwest to check it out!