Honeydew Mei from Overwatch // Cosplayer : Animech // Photo : SweetBunnyroll

After her Honeydew Mei skin came out in the game I knew right away that was going to be my next cosplay. She just looked so cute and finally something that doesn’t completely cover her. So I already had a Mei wig from when I cosplayed her PJ skin, so I restyled it to match her hair for that skin. Then another thing I wanted to do based off fan art I found was carrying around Bubble Tea on a tray, to complete the old-style waitress outfit. The Tea was made out of watered down paint and little marbles that I used for the bubble tea. Then found an old pair of shoes which I ended up painting to match the ones in the game. Last I got the outfit together and made sure to pin everything so it stayed in place during the con.

So my friend and I were eating at the Ren Cen at Youmacon. A girl walked past me while I was taking a bite of my Subway sandwich, she looked me dead in my eyes and said you’re my Waifu now. Then kept smiling while walking away and I just laughed cause I couldn’t answer her due to me eating.

Cosplay had impacted my life in a huge way without it I wouldn’t have met so many of my amazing con family that I would die for today. I wouldn’t have started my photography life either if I never got into cosplay, plus being able to go to all these amazing cons. It also got me out of a dark place in my life and I will always be grateful for that as well 🙂

As for Youmacon, it’s a big step from smaller cons but its definitely worth it due to the amazing people you met and the great cosplayers you see. It always helps to go with someone so you don’t become lost and alone, even then all the staff members are kind people and would help no matter what. My favorite part is seeing all the amazing cosplays that people bring to the con and seeing how passionate they are about what they are wearing. It really motivates you to continue cosplaying and go up and beyond with your dream cosplays.