When I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I immediately fell in love with Olivia Octavius! Her character and design were so unique. Plus I just love a quirky villain!

I knew the hardest part was going to be her backpack with the tentacles. I started with a plexiglass and eva foam base and some straps from an old backpack. Each of the arms is a pvc pipe base that I heat-shaped and then covered with pipe insulation. I cut the pipe insulation in half lengthwise to make the ridges on the tentacles and used craft foam for the flat part. Then I wrapped the whole thing with white electrical tape to give it a plastic look. The grabbing hands at the end of the arms are craft foam and a large googly eye. Each arm attaches to the base and can be easily removed, repositioned and switched around. Which made it really easy to transport! The whole thing was very lightweight and quite comfortable actually! I hardly knew it was there.

I made the corset, thigh and arm cuff pieces out of craft foam. I sculpted foam clay for the buttons and inserted green LED’s to make them light up. I airbrushed details on a green spandex long sleeve shirt with fabric paints. For the hair, I sewed some purple wefts into a brown curly wig and styled it in a big messy bun.

There were a lot of Spider-Man cosplayers throughout the convention so it was so fun interacting with them! They all wanted to fight me haha! She’s definitely my favorite mad scientist and I enjoyed every minute in the cosplay!

—- ArtByBMazz

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