Asian Candie Cosplay

Sailor Moon X Captain America // Cosplayer : Asian.CandieCosplay  // Photo : dlphotos13

10 years of cosplay!  Cosplay has allowed me to recreate the characters I love and display my craftsmanship. My first cosplay was Rukia from Bleach and Reborn for San Japan 1.5. I took a small break because life happened. When I came back to cosplay and learn to enjoy it. I learn to have fun with friends. Learn to love the craftsmanship of others and keep it as a hobby than a stressful project. Cosplay is made for everyone. You don’t have to depict exactly the characters as long as you have the concept and love doing it. I found amazing and beautiful friends of many talents. I continue to do it no matter how old I am because I love it. I hope whoever wants to cosplay feels the same enjoyment as I do! 

This mashup has been on my mind for years, pretty much when Sailor moon Crystal and Captain America came out. I have seen concepts throughout and I wanted my own. Beginning of 2018, the one convention I know I would go to would be Comicpalooza. The perfect time to make it, knowing The Avengers End Game film came out and Sailor Moon voice actor was a guest! I reached out to one of my friends, Gladys, to help draw out the ideal Sailor Moon x Captain America. It was the last time we would see Captain America and the Super Sailor Moon was perfect the form. Once my friend created the rough concept, I went to work.

 It was a month to put it together which included research and I am pretty picky what materials I use if this is going to my dream cosplay and also a budget that was hard to stay within. I collected reference photos to help get the colors needed. But first, always use muslin. I am not the best at drafting my own patterns from scratch. I drew out patterns from existing clothing and using different brand patterns. Originally, I was going to do a jumpsuit style. Glad I didn’t! Worst part about cosplay is having to go to the restroom and not having pockets. I made the cosplay into parts: Zipper Back Top with Front bow, shoulder wings, collar, and shorts. Parts bought or existing piece owned: gloves, boots, back bow, wig. Commissioned: Kyia Snow for Bun Discs and Tiara. Once I was satisfied with the pattern, found my fabric, started cutting out the pieces, and sew it up. The most challenging piece was the shoulder and I learned something new in the process. I posted my progress on my Instagram story and how excited it was coming together. However, time and money was limited. I got to a point where “it will do”. I was so happy with the outcome and how many loved it as much as I did.