MAGFest Simulator // Cosplayer : BillPzed

Some folks remember me from prior years and “collect” all of my editions with photographs. I’ve worn it at a few other cons (ACEN a few times & Gen Con exactly once) and have been spotted across cons. Someone took a picture of me when I used the “& Knuckles” joke and told me they were going to send it to the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter team. I got posted on the Sonic account before the end of the con and people were telling me that they saw me on Twitter. I remember thinking to myself “Well, this costume has peaked, time for a new idea.” But, I just keep wearing it anyways because people still like it.

Simulator costume started as a quick costume idea for Otakon 2014. I used to dress as Space Core and since Portal 2 was waning in popularity. I thought this up as a quick filler costume with a good silly hook. This was back when you had to pick up your badge on day 0 or day 1 and the line wrapped around the Baltimore Convention Center. I put it on for the day 0 badge line and it went over very well, so I decided to bring it to MAGFest in 2015 with more gaming memes. I’ve been doing it at MAGFest ever since. It’s become my follow up costume from Space Core and I haven’t made a big costume since. Maybe I’ll make another someday.

I purchased the goggles online and glued some EL wire to them. I put my tinker-tier photo editing skills with GIMP to create a poster and then I took the image to Staples. I made the poster the exact size as the Staples medium poster and asked for it mounted and laminated. I take a little pride in being able to say I made my cosplay at Staples. Now, I’m a regular customer. I remember the feeling when I finally nailed the Microsoft Flight Simulator font and thinking “Yes, this will tie it all together.” The font is Helvetica Ultra Compressed with an italic tilt applied and a drop shadow.

MAGFest has a video game fandom celebratory energy that I don’t feel as much in other conventions that I love and regularly attend. I think that comes from the concert synergy of the program and that the convention goes all night. There’s something about late night actives with video games being taken from of a solitary quiet room or small gathering of friends and elevated into a big booming space that feels special to me. It’s nostalgia mixed with fellowship, served over a party with great music.