Blasian Doll (Lana Kane)

There was this one guy who legit called out LAAAAANA 3-4 times, like how Archer does it in the show, and I was shy back then and I really didn’t want to scream “WHAT?!” but I knew if I didn’t I would have failed as a cosplayer lol. So I let out the loudest WHAT to the point that a good amount of people turned in my direction and thought I was about to fight the dude. And I’m like “was that too much?” Lol

I feel a lot more confident in myself now because of cosplay. I love transforming myself and seeing how good I look! It’s like a mother art medium for me. And because I’ve been so involved with cosplay, and posting more of social media, I’ve become more outgoing than I ever been before. I love this new me!

—- BlasianDoll Cosplay

Photo : Cigar_Luna

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