Blue Lotus Design

Jolteon and Shiny Umbreon by Blue Lotus Design
Eevee made by Jolibe from Etsy
Photo by Komodo Photography

Back in 2004 my boyfriend, at the time, and friends of his were going to Otakon. We drove from Wisconsin to Baltimore and it was a blast! I was a little overwhelmed because it was my first convention and it was huge! I wasn’t prepared for all the walking and all the people. I didn’t talk to other people besides the people that I was with, but the whole vibe was open and friendly. I remember staring at a few cosplayers wondering what the costumes were and why they were dressed up so. We decided to go to the L’Arc~En~Ciel concert and I was hooked on J-rock from there on out. I didn’t attend another convention again until quite a few years later when friends dragged me to Anime Central 2007.

My cosplay journey didn’t start until 2013 when I made my first Lolita design. For years I didn’t know how to sew nor did I have access to the tools. This all changed by chance when I started working for a sewing machine company, Husqvarna Viking. I was surrounded by all these awesome seamstresses that would answer any questions and cheered me on as I learned.

My first competition was at Daisho Con in 2014 and by then I was hooked on all things cosplay. I’ve entered many masquerades and won a couple of awards. I met my husband at ACen in 2010 and it wasn’t even a question if we could cosplay together, more like what would we cosplay! After having our son in 2018 we’ve just stared planning family cosplays.

Cosplay is a journey to create something fun and interesting. To be a character that you love and be with people you love. It’s something that can change your thinking with design and make you grow as you learn new techniques.