Cornelia from Code Geass // Cosplayer : Bopizop

I’ve always been a huge fan of the anime Code Geass. Battle strategy and “Magi-tech” are two of my favorite elements in entertainment, so right from the beginning, the show hooked me in and didn’t let me go. Cornelia is such a badass, being both a princess and one of the strongest units in her army, I really admired her confidence and ability and wanted to transfer that energy into reality. When searching online for ideas of how to bring the cosplay into reality, I found that none of the buyable, pre-made cosplays fit her tone. So I set out to make her cosplay on my own and fit it to my own standards.

This cosplay is one I’m actually really proud of, because it’s 100% handmade and also hand-patterned by me! It’s a little embarrassing actually that I have no idea how to use a store-bought pattern, but I think I’m really getting the hang of hand-patterning. I used pieces of clothing that I already owned to get a basic shape for how I wanted the pieces to fit, then did a little guesswork to get certain weird shapes. At first I was nervous about it, but after a mock-up on ugly St. Patrick’s Day fabric, I got a lot more confident. Her hair is also a really strange color that I couldn’t find as an existing wig, so I bought a blonde wig and dyed it myself. There’s a first time for everything!

I wore this cosplay on the last day of the convention, and only for a few hours, so I didn’t get to see or interact with a whole bunch of people. But from the few people I did see, they were super enthusiastic about how it came out! With Code Geass, you’ve either never heard of it, or you’ve watched it and loved it, so fans of the show are always really excited and positive when they see Code Geass cosplays. But on an honest note, I really wanted to wear this cosplay to AWA not for others’ responses, but for myself. The first time I wore this cosplay at MomoCon, I wasn’t in a great mood. I had driven two hours to get there, rushed to put it on, and my wig styling had fallen out in my hot car. I was pretty upset about it and took it off after only an hour or so. When AWA came around, I was determined to make my Cornelia cosplay into a positive experience, and it was! I wasn’t rushed, my friends were all super supportive and uplifting, and I got great photos. I felt a lot better, and that was more than enough reward for me.

Anime Weekend Atlanta is a great place to come together with fellow nerds and lovers of anime, comics, sci-fi, cosplay, and a myriad of other genres. It isn’t just anime! There’s a lot do and a lot to see, and if it’s your first time going, you have a lot to look forward to. Merch, art, cosplay, panels with your favorite voice actors or about your favorite topics, you name it. The center atrium is free to enter and is a central place to see the best cosplays and best people AWA has to offer. Everybody who goes is extremely welcoming and excited and of course, there’s a little “southern hospitality” too!

Cosplay is a HUGELY important part of my life. I need a good balance of “technical” and “creativity” in my life, if that makes sense. Outside of cosplay, I’m an airplane pilot, which is absolutely my dream career and my friends can all attest to how much I love flying, but it’s also a highly technical field without too much room for creative input. Cosplay is my balance, my creative outlet where I can express myself and my ideas how I want to. I wouldn’t trade either activity for anything, they keep me sane and balanced. In other ways, cosplay has taught me so many useful skills. I can sew, do my makeup, model, and generally craft better now solely thanks to cosplaying. It’s also a great outlet for keeping in touch with friends that I don’t see often anymore because of college, too. Really, the benefits are just endless!

Get creative and innovative! You don’t need fancy tools or expensive cosplays to be apart of this awesome hobby, sometimes hot glue and 50 cent posterboard works just as well as worbla. I’m a huge advocate for making cheaper resources look just as good as the expensive stuff. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and methods to make your cosplays, too. This was my first time making jacket, first time installing a zipper, and first time dyeing a wig. If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it!


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