Bored_Satisfaction + Free_Safari

CarlosDeVil and CruellaDeVil from The Descendants // Cosplayer : bored_satisfaction and free_safari // Photo : dtjaaaam

bored_satisfaction : My Mom and I always like to cosplay characters that go well together. Personally I’m a fan of the Descendants movies and I’ve watched every one. I love all the Descendants teen villain characters but Carlos is my favorite. The clothes he wears look cool, his singing and dance moves are on point, and he kind of reminds me of myself. I also remember my Mom seeing someone dressed as Cruella at BlerdCon and she really liked the style of her Cruella.  So, when my Mom was asked about doing a Disney Cosplay theme with some of her friends for MagFest, we talked and thought Carlos and Cruella De Vil would be perfect. Besides, they are a Mom and Son duo just like us.

free_safai : A few of my friends thought it would be a good idea to do a Disney villain theme for Magfest. I cosplay a lot with my son and when I discussed the idea with him we decided that cosplaying Cruella and Carlos De Vil from Descendants would be perfect for us. I love Cruella in the movie Descendants for a number of reasons. First, her wardrobe was amazing. Second, she was played by the beautiful and talented, Wendy Raquel Robinson (a black actress). And last but not least, because Disney brought their “A” game by thinking outside the box and embracing diversity. Disney is slowly but surely helping to tear down society’s rigid views as many try to “color code” characters. Characters once displayed in comics, books, and movies as one race can now transcend into another race. In other words, it’s about the creator’s vision, creativity, and not the color of a person’s skin when it comes to talent and casting.  Bravo to Disney for the perfect casting and for inspiring the perfect Disney villain cosplay choices for my son and I. We were also able to incorporate another member of our family, Scrappy, into our cosplay team as Dude, Carlos De Vil’s best friend. 

bored_satisfaction : My costume was put together mostly through Amazon. We tried our best to find as many details of the character’s features in order to cosplay as them. To dye my hair we used white temporary dye. Since Carlos has his hair dyed almost all the way unlike his mother, my hair used up a whole can.

free_safari : I work a lot and unfortunately I can’t sew a lick so I makeshift my cosplay costumes from things I purchase and put together. I usually purchase items from cosplay retailers and other vendors while using my creative juices to make it all come together. My dress was purchased from Amazon and I used accessories I already had to transform into Cruella. I decided to nix the wig I purchased and wear my natural hair. I’m so glad I decided to go this route. The white hair was temporary hair color spray, Icy White from Sally’s Beauty Supply store.

bored_satisfaction : Many people loved the idea of a Mom and Son teaming up to cosplay, and a lot of people loved my Mom’s service animal, and my best friend, Scrappy, who cosplayed as Dude (Carlos best friend in the movie). People came up to take pictures either because they loved Descendants, knew someone who loved Descendants, wanted to pet Scrappy, loved our cosplay idea, or because they remembered Cruella from the movies 101 Dalmatians

free_safari : I never thought I would ever take cosplaying so seriously because initially, I started on this journey to assist my son with exploring his inner blerd. In doing so I learned cosplay truly is for everyone and I used this opportunity to my advantage. I wanted to cosplay but I also wanted to make a difference and bring about awareness while cosplaying. I’ve cosplayed as the original Silk Spectra, Sally Jupiter from Watchmen while my son cosplayed Rorschach. Sally Jupiter was a sexual assault victim so on the back of my costume there were bold letters “No Means No”. I also cosplayed as Catwoman with a 100% body paint catsuit on, and I used this opportunity to bring awareness and try to end the stigmas associated with mental health. I post every cosplay picture on both my IG and Facebook (Free Safari) with messages about topics which include consent (healthy relationship boundaries), body positivity, mental health, embracing diversity, and anti-bullying. My Cruella cosplay was no different. I posted our pictures while promoting self-love (accepting who you are as an individual), embracing diversity (acceptance of others), bystander intervention (never too late to become a hero, see something, say something) and anti-bullying.

Descendants like many other young adult focused movies, had its share of bullies and a need for all to feel socially accepted (struggles of the popular and not so popular crowd). So, I used that platform to bring about awareness when I posted my pictures. I also cosplayed two versions of Cruella at MagFest. My other Cruella cosplay was a lot more sexier than the first. A body suit with fishnet, thigh-high boots, and a black and white polka dot cape. I walked around while my son took time out to game with a sign that read, “My Costume Is Not My Consent”. I love cosplay advocacy and I take every opportunity to use my cosplay to try to make a difference by educating others and trying to bring about awareness in our community.

bored_satisfaction : All my life I’ve loved heroes, villains, anime, gaming, and more. When I found out about cosplay and how it all came together at a convention I was so excited. I watched a lot of videos on cosplay but I never ended up cosplaying myself until later on. My mom and I decided to go to our first convention in 2018. I was 12 and Cosplayed as Kato from Green Hornet. The chance to hang around and game with people who have similar interests as myself has made my life so much more fun and exciting. I just don’t think my life would be the same if I never went to BlerdCon as my first convention.