Brandon Isaacson (McThor)

The idea of McThor came about randomly after coming back from a convention with a friend. To give you an idea of my mindset this con had an awesome beer garden. I think that would lay it out for you. I dressed up as zombie Billy Mays and got a surprisingly great reaction to this. It was only my second convention and people were coming up to me wanting pictures and I was blown away. While going home with my friend I knew I wanted to step up my cosplay game and make something that involved a lot more work. But I also wanted to keep my beard and it was difficult to think of characters with one. So I thought about it and I thought what about Thor since the new Thor movie was coming out soon. But I like my costumes to be unique as I always thought I’ll never win on skill but on creativity and I didn’t want to dress the same as everyone else. During this time I was getting hungry since we avoided the con food. I then thought, what would be quick and thought about McDonald’s and started laughing. What if Ronald McDonald was Thor? I said this out loud and my friend went into immediate laughter and then McThor was born.

The process has been a labor of love. I’ve done 5 versions of the costume so far and keep improving upon each one. I’ve learn how to sew in order to make pants, I’ve learned to manipulate foam to make armor and survived the fumes of constant spray painting. It’s been a journey for sure as I didn’t know how to do any of this when I started.

Response at cons is certainly a trip with the reactions I get. Either people are so overjoyed and laughing about this mashup or they are terrified by the clown aspect of it. I get a lot of “This is the most creative or best cosplay I’ve seen.” comments. I’m pretty humbled by it because there’s a lot of amazing cosplay out there far better than what I can do.

There have been so many experiences that have just been amazing for me so far. Probably the most unique one came at San Diego Comic-Con. I was just walking the floor and this older gentleman at a booth stopped me for a picture. He looked at me asking how I came up with the idea and I told him. He started looking closer at my makeup and tapped my forehead lightly and said “you don’t powder?” Turned to the guys at the booth “he doesn’t powder.” He said I’ll share something with you once I explain powdering to you. He explained it to me and I’ve used powder to conceal my makeup ever since. Then he opened his wallet and showed me his business card. From 1967-2002 he was the Ronald McDonald clown for corporate. I was blown away as I basically got makeup tips from Ronald himself.

I’ve always been into the nerdy and geeky culture and have a huge love for dressing up for Halloween. Working in retail it was the only holiday it couldn’t ruin. So I wanted to go to a convention and dress up to see what it was all about. After that I was hooked. What have I learned about myself through cosplay? I’ve learned that I’m a lot more capable than I once thought I was to pick up and learn this craft. Never doubt determination. I’ve met incredible deadlines that don’t seem humanly possible.

Brandon Isaacson

Photo : Mikel Angelo

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