Brown Suga Outlaw

Calliope from the Disney’s Hercules // Cosplayer : BrownSugaOutlaw

Every February I put together cosplays of black women in all forms of need media to celebrate Black History Month. The year I put together the Muses, I was only able to do four costumes so I wanted to start everything off with a bang! It was a wild ride but I was excited to recreate this song!

The biggest challenge was gathering all the cosplayers together to create the video. The dresses were luckily simple and we were able to make them from what we already had in our closets. I also had to re-choreograph our parts because there were a lot of things cartoons could do that we couldn’t.

This was my first viral video and it was amazing. People loved our recreation even though there were a lot of things I wish I could have done differently. I haven’t been able to cosplay this at a conference yet, but I’m working on it! While filming we did have a few people come over and take pictures with us. While they loved our look they didn’t know where we were from!

I started cosplaying back in high school around 2008 and it took a back seat once I started college. Luckily I met some awesome friends who became my future teammates on the UsualRangers5 and we started cosplaying together as a team!

The biggest struggle is learning to balance everything. As I grow as a cosplayer, I want to do more and create a wider variety of content! It can get overwhelming at times, especially when a project gets so time consuming that I almost forget to post. But it’s a challenge I want to take seriously!