Caramel Apple

Junko from Danganronpa // Cosplayer : Caramel Apple

I got an unbelievably positive response and many people stopped me and complimented me but it was kind of hard to stop for all of them because with my contacts and Afros blocking out like two of my senses it was hard to figure out who was calling me so I’d end up just standing and looking around until I could figure out the source of the voice or until I could see them!

I came up with my Beta Junko cosplay when I first decided I wanted to cosplay Junko and I knew I wanted to do something different and I ended up finding it when I stumbled across pre game designs of Junko and fell in love with the design maybe it was because I don’t see as many characters with my skin tone and hair type so it made me more excited to be her and I felt like I could truly bring her to life!

The costume was put together with the basic Junko outfit with the pleated skirt and bear accessories but I added my own touches making it cuter in my opinion with my puffy tutu and my blue white out contacts I think it gives her a creepier and more devoid of emotions feel. The wig was much simpler to make then I assumed it would be and I deeply enjoyed putting it together and dyeing it pink.

I always loved Halloween and cosplay to me kind of feels like I get Halloween multiple times a year and getting into cosplay has brought so much joy to my life and given me an avenue for me to tap into my creativity to make a cool and unique outfit makes me happy. It has also allowed me to meet so many amazing people  I probably never would have met without cons so I’m sincerely grateful for all the opportunities conventions have given me. I personally found out about cosplay through a group of friends in middle school about a month after I got into anime and they asked if I wanted to go to Momocon with them and I said yes so they dressed me up and did my makeup and as soon as I saw all the cool cosplays and people I knew it would be something I’d love to do a lot more.


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