Caroline & Moises

Moises and I first met during fall semester 2014 at our communication class at Antelope Valley College. I was attracted to his quick-witted jokes as well as his kind and caring nature. I was also working on my Duela Dent cosplay. My fan devotion to the character kept me going to complete the costume no matter how long it took.

Earlier this summer, however, my life changed completely. My doctor informed me from my yearly physical check up results that they found an abnormal cluster of cells within my body that were most likely to spread and become cancerous and needed to schedule an appointment for surgery. 

I didn’t know what to say after hearing this. Many questions were running from my mind. What caused this? What would I do if the surgery doesn’t go right? What would happen if the cells grew somewhere else in my body after the surgery? Would I need to go through chemotherapy in the future if the cells spread and the surgery doesn’t work? I had to put my Duela Dent cosplay on hiatus. This was more important.

Waking up from the anesthesia at the surgery center, Moises was by my side the whole time. For the following weeks, Moises helped me construct my Duela Dent costume as well as his Quinnet costume.

My first return to the convention after my surgery was at Long Beach Comic Con this year. Putting on all the makeup, skirt padding, stockings, corset, wig, and many accessories, felt like the hard work was finally accomplished.

– Caroline