Overwatch X McDonald // Cosplayer : CaseyNichole

I found Digitoonie art of MeiDonalds at Katsucon and fell in love with it. Mei is one of my favorite characters and I loved how the artist made a fun twist on this. It was super cool to see the artist again at Colossalcon and take pictures and talk about how much we loved MeiDonalds.

The cosplay was made from a Simplicity pattern for DC bombshell Batwoman. I used stretch cotton that you can find at Joann fabrics and used bias tape for the edging. I already owned the apron so my boyfriend and I designed the logo and printed it and ironed it on. There was poofy crinoline under the dress to give it the volume and make the skirt flare out the way it did.

The response to the convention was amazing. I was worried no one would understand the mash up. But they did. I was so happy everyone loved this idea as much as I did. Brought a lot of smiles. That was the goal!

I have a lot of funny stories about being in this cosplay. Some people would come up to me and say “fresh and never frozen” Wendy’s slogan. And when I was outside in my roller skates. I would have to take baby steps to get to where I needed to go. I am definitely not a champion roller skater. I am just glad I didn’t fall on my face.

Cosplay has impacted my life in so many ways. I have met so many friends through this. I have learned how to sew and create things I thought was impossible in the beginning. Overall, it gave me confidence and acceptance of my body and the “flaws” that come with it.

All in all, just have fun with whatever you are doing and don’t let negativity stop you. Cosplay is for every(body). Every size, shape, race, gender, you get my point. Lol don’t hesitate to DM me and ask any questions about any cosplay that I’ve made! More than happy to help out 😊