CassDevilCosplay & Good Morning Geeks

Evening Gown Loki : CassDevil Cosplay

The original idea was my friends who had seen artwork of evening gown Thor. From there I decided to create my own art of Loki based on his comic book outfits and movie outfits. The design morphed slowly into the final product as I found different materials. Funny story about this outfit is how much I procrastinated. I started sewing a week before the con and finished the cape the night before. I make my own mockup, 3D printed my helmet at a friend’s house, and figure out the rest!

I started cosplaying in a time in my life where I lacked inspiration and a path. Cosplaying and it’s community have given me not only a creative outlet but a place where my voice is heard. This was actually my first NYCC, from a new perspective I would describe it as a conglomerate of unique creators coming together to share in the beauty of being a nerd.

Evening Gown Thor : Good Morning Geeks

I’ve been cosplaying for about five years now, and Thor was next up on my list. I had the idea of doing a dress and then I saw Michael Anthony‘s fan art of Avengers gowns. I saw Thor and literally yelled, “THAT’S IT!” The fur idea came from Cowbuttcrunchies Thor armor.

How was the costume put together? This is where my friend Cassdevilcosplay comes in! We talked about the design at length and they drew a mock-up of Thor alongside a mock-up of their Loki. The Thor dress itself was purchased online along with the faux Mongolian fur and the hammer. I purchased the material for the cape at JoAnn. We (Cass) took in the dress and we added the fur. I bought the chains and after some deliberation decided to do one shoulder for the cape. I embellished the hammer and styled myself. The styling, wig and jewelry and makeup, were all me.

Cosplay has taught me so much about myself. It has given me confidence that I don’t know that I had before and I don’t know that I would’ve had otherwise. It has shown me, above all else, that if I have enough time I can do anything and that I can have a vision and that I can make it come to fruition. It’s helped me to realize that I am a creative person. It’s also helped me be a better listener and a better collaborator. I cannot tell you how many people have had input on the costumes that I have worn while they were in the building stages. People have been so generous with their time and their talent, it’s actually really overwhelming. As a woman of color in cosplay, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I recognize that that’s not the same as some of the experiences of my sisters and brothers who cosplay. It’s important that we talk about our experiences and talk about how much we love cosplay because one of the things that I wanna do is help people who look like me, who might feel afraid, to put on that costume! I have been Ursula I’ve been Cap, I’ve been Poison Ivy, I’ve been Storm and now I’ve been Thor. You CAN do it! That is how cosplay has affected me and that’s how I want my cosplay to affect other people.