Fjord from Critical Role : 13.katz // Photo: cubster_cosplay_photography I have a habit of working on two cosplays at a time: a monster project and a lighter project. My monster project at the time was kicking my tail. I needed a break, so I chose to do a distraction project. Continue Reading


Xenomorph from Alien : racheljarts For a long time, cosplay was one of those hobbies that I saw online that I felt was too involved or too distant to ever be something I could get into. It wasn’t until years ago when I saw my friend @boolprops walk around with Continue Reading


Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 / Cosplayer : dre.kage / Photo : erikjawsphoto Cosplay runs deeper than just a hobby with me. From my personal life to all the media I consume cosplay has played a part. I’ve made many longtime friends and it’s a hobby that I Continue Reading

Spicy Panda Creations

Thrasher Suit from Batman // Cosplayer : Spicy Panda Creations I usually try to pick a theme for the group of friends that I cosplay with and build for. I then suggest characters that I believe will work well for their physical attributes (height, body shape, glasses, wheelchairs, etc.) and Continue Reading

Raine Kugami

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII // Cosplayer : rainekugami Photo : joseph_lane_photo Cloud has always been one of my favorite characters since I was a little kid, first discovering him as a secret character in Final Fantasy Tactics (then later in the source material). When I started cosplaying, I Continue Reading


Jubilee (Genderbend) from X-Men // Cosplayer : Johnny0929 // Photo :  @j.r.photography___ I debuted the cosplay at Blerdcon 2019, and I received so much praise for it! I even got a ribbon for “Amazing Hall Cosplay” at that convention. Then, I modified more aspects of the cosplay and brought it Continue Reading


Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat // Cosplayer : SKATE // Photo : Loonarblaze Bruh…..so….I’ve always been a closeted cosplayer since like age 9. I was the only guy in my neighborhood that would randomly come outside in a Power Ranger costume and it wasn’t anywhere near Halloween. I didn’t discover Continue Reading