Olivia from Fire Emblem Heroes // Cosplayer : @Notgrima // Photo : @daniellelaphotos When I wore Olivia to Saboten Con 2019, I had an amazing artist come up to me and geek out about how much she loved Awakening! She gifted me a bunch of supercute Fire Emblem stickers, notepads, Continue Reading


Tanjiro from Demon Slayer // Cosplayer : Sakkcos After Demon Slayer recently came out, my friends and I were really into it and decided to cosplay Demon Slayer characters to Katsucon. We wanted to cosplay all the main characters, so we each picked a character. I chose Tanjiro because he’s Continue Reading


Otto Mann from The Simpsons // Cosplayer : mrs.nezbit Cosplay has brought me so many great memories, friends, and experiences. I moved to Vegas not knowing anyone here, and the local cosplay scene really made me feel like I belonged to this community. It’s also encouraged me to commit myself Continue Reading


Sun Maid Raisin Girl // Cosplayer : HaleyNinja8 A lot of people kept saying “you must really like raisins to cosplay the Sun Maid girl” but I didn’t have the heart to tell them I actually hate raisins. I actually was working on cosplay ideas for this con while also hungry Continue Reading