Perhaps you heard of the term Causeplay from someone and wasn’t sure what it meant. Causeplay can be thought of cosplaying for a cause – usually to support a charity or to give back to the community in some way. They often do this by volunteering at community event, spending time with children at local hospitals, Christmas toy drives and other activities. Often, causeplay organizations can found at local convention raising money for local charities.

If you’re thinking of how to give back to your community by cosplaying, I encourage you to reach out to a local organization and check them out. I’ve compiled a list of organizations to help you find one in your local area.

I’m sure I’ve missed some so please let me know at

Photo : Comicare FB page

501st Legion (National)

Alliance of Heroic Hearts (Pennsylvania)

Arizona Avengers (Arizona)

Avengers Mid-Pacific (Hawaii)

Cap’s Crusaders (San Antonio, TX)

Cause-Play Memphis (Memphis, TN)

Cause-players Alliance – Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)

Causeplay Carolinas (North & South Carolina)

Causeplay Gulf Coast (Florida and Alabama)

Central PA Heroes Coalition (Pennsylvania)

Charity Avengers (Alabama)

Comicare (Arizona)

Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

Cosplay with Pride (Northern California)

Cosplayers Care (Pennsylvania)

Costumers with a Cause (Midwest, Florida, Oregon & Tennessee )

Courage and Kindness Co (Indiana)

East Coast Avengers (East Coast)

Ghostbusters (National)

Guardians of Justice (Florida)

Hero Strong (Ohio)

Heroes Alliance (national)

Heroes United AZ (Arizona)

Heroic (Utah)

Heroic Inner Kids (Dallas, TX)

Houston Cosplay for Charity (Houston, TX)

Justice League Arizona (Arizona)

Kids Can Cosplay (Southern California)

Las Vegas Cause-play Alliance (Las Vegas, NV)

League of Enchantment (Michigan)

Philadelphia Avengers (Philadelphia, PA)

Project Superhero (North Carolina)

Rebel Legion (National)

Royals Project (Ohio)

SC Upstate Heroes (South Carolina)

Sci-Fi Coalition (San Diego,CA)

Super Hero Alliance (Western New York)

We Are Cosplay (Chicago, IL)

West Coast Avengers (West Coast)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Superheroes (South Carolina)