CharmedSeed & Nick

“I was born in Indiana and raised in Wyoming before moving to Colorado for college. Having grown up very crafty and creative, as well as a little nerdy, cosplay was a very natural progression for me. I started cosplaying in 1998, when wigs were scarce and only offered in natural colors. We learned sewing techniques from our grandmothers. The cosplay scene on the internet was just revving up, websites on Geocities and Angelfire popping up in droves. We camped on Kevin Lillard’s A Fan’s View website after conventions, praying for a photo of our costumes. It was fun and crazy and we made lifelong friends. I wouldn’t say I long for those days; I do love the rainbow confection of wigs available and the wealth of materials at our fingertips. But we were fresh and blazing new trails; nothing was more exciting.” 

– Charmedseed Costuming & Nick (Denver, CO)

Photo : Cosplay in America

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