Nitocris from Fate / Grand Order // Cosplayer : ChibiTifa // Photo : sorairo_days

I’m a huge fan of Ancient Egyptian history and mythology, so I was elated and shocked to see that such an obscure pharaoh from Egypt’s history was made into a Fate servant. She quickly become one of my favorite servants in the game, as her personality is a lot like mine: confident when she has to be but unsure of herself when in the presence of her superiors. With her design being rather accurate to how Egyptian goddesses were depicted, I fell in love with it quite easily and she quickly became my first FGO cosplay.

I made her base outfit with a swimsuit pattern that was similar to her design out of a swimsuit spandex. The choker, necklace, and accessories were all made out of gold spandex covered foam with the blue gems on the necklace made of faux lapis lazuli (a precious stone that was popular with Egyptian royalty). Her tabard was made from a silky solid with the bias tape made by me with metallic gold spandex and her pink flounce was made from organza. The hardest part was figuring out how all her hardware worked, but after staring at the references for about an hour I managed to figure it out. The gold pieces were all googly eyes painted with gold leafing and the beaded chain was purchased. My wig was commissioned by @omgitsbarri 

The first time I cosplayed her was at Katsucon 2018, a few months before she came out in the North American version of FGO, so only  FGO JP players really knew who I was. When I cosplayed her at Otakon 2018, the Camelot chapter had just dropped and NA players were finally introduced to her. I had several people tell me that they found my cosplay online and used my pictures at catalysts for summoning her in the gatcha. I was super flattered by that!


My first con was Otakon 2002 and I was quite enamored with all the cosplayers I saw in person. I had always seen them online prior to attending my first con, but actually witnessing people dressed up as their favorite characters in front of me really inspired me to try it eventually. It was suggested to me in biology class in high school that I should cosplay Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena two years later and I actually went through with it….and here I am 16 years later and not stopping any time soon!

When I first started cosplaying, I saw VERY few darker skinned PoC and black cosplayers at conventions. Between then and now, the demographic has shifted dramatically and there are TONS of black cosplayers in the scene. Sadly the racism hasn’t gotten any better and it has probably gotten worse since now just being posted on 4chan and mocked is the least someone can do to someone. Besides all that, I’ve seen an increased confidence among darker PoC and black nerds to express the love of anime and games through cosplay and I only hope that continues.