Chicago Art Nerd (Scorpia)

I think the part I enjoyed the most was running into other cosplayers who were cosplaying from the new She-Ra and them all wanting photographs together with me. I met multiple Catra cosplayers and got to pose with them like on the show. It’s exciting when someone recognizes what character you are and is so happy to see you they want a picture with you.

The dress for the Scorpia costume was a wonderful thrift find, gotta love crushed velvet from the 90s, and the claws, tail, and gems were hand cut/painted onto 1/4 inch EVA foam. I flat patterned all of it myself from animation stills from the new Netflix’s She-Ra show. Then assembled the pieces with a glue gun, I’ve got the customary hot glue finger burns to show for it. My roommate helped me paint all the pieces while we watched She-Ra and they also were the one who helped me take all the pictures of my cosplay the next day. I find it’s super important to have a buddy while cosplaying, especially when your hands are immobile inside big meaty claws.

So cosplay is something I do for fun, it’s a hobby for me. I don’t get to do it as often as I would like as I’m mostly tabling when I go to conventions (I’m an artist and writer) so it’s like going on a mini-vacation when I get to dress up as someone I love from a show I love and just walk around and make others happy to see me. So every time I cosplay you know I’m having a good time. I think the last really complete cosplay I did was in 2015 when I was Sera from Dragon Age Inquisition. So it’s been a few years since I’ve gotten to have fun like this and I really missed it. I’m definitely gonna be cosplaying again soon, probably at Transformers Con this July!

Chicago Art Nerd

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