Obsidian from Steven Universe // Cosplayer : Corrie // Photo : Death the Asian

It was incredible. I’ve never like being in the spotlight. I’m strictly a backstage theater gal but cosplay is something different for me. It’s true that I loved the attention I received wearing Obsidian. I felt so powerful because of my height in the cosplay and it was so rewarding hearing people’s supportive comments all day.

I did not plan to stay in Obsidian all day assuming it would get tiring because it’s so large. I did get a bit tired but the love I was receiving straight up fed me the energy to stay in her until dark for the Steven Universe photoshoot. I did so much more video work than I’ve ever been asked to do and I was very excited and nervous about them. I’m very glad with so many of them but I also am excited to be more comfortable being on video by the next convention I attend.

I had not been doing very large builds or cosplay projects because of college but I have learned an incredible amount through school. I study costume design for theater and this was my last semester. I had a more free schedule than in the past so I chose a character that would be a challenge to create, from a show that has meant the world to me since high school – Steven Universe.

This process was incredibly rewarding. It was many hours of work but an absolute joy to see the progress coming to life. I worked with several new materials and techniques that were very fun to experiment and challenge myself with. The wig was my big new thing. I used Folly Foam for the first time and plan to use it again in the future. I loved it. The sword build was a challenge because I have not done a large prop build like that ever. I learned a lot and would love to improve on some of those techniques in the future.

As someone who has also grown up in the theater community and never acted I always knew I was not meant for the stage but I’ve really found my type of performance through cosplay. It is so special to me to be able to portray characters that I love in such an exciting environment around friends and new people.

I am influenced by a number of people. I think I would choose a handful of my tribal mentors. I’m a Native American woman from the Mohegan Tribe and have been learning traditional crafts since I could hold materials. Learning those crafts and their significance planted the seed of a need for creativity from the beginning. The woman who have taught me craft work have always supported me through different paths of life and remain to today.