Cosplay Medics

A few of Cosplay Medics at Dragoncon. First Row : Sarah, Mandy / Second Row : Russell, Coley / Third Row : Steven, Alan, Elliot / Photo : Bill Watters

SARAH : Probably “Is this for real?” because most people are either thrilled to see you, because they need help, or respect what we’re trying to do and thank us. The idea that we wouldn’t be for real just seems so far-fetched.

RUSSELL : My favorite piece of equipment is my battery powered hot glue gun. Most people think of a hot glue gun as being plugged into a wall, and so they never expect me to have it. But I get uncertain tones asking “Do you have hot glue?” and I get to whip out this gun that runs off an 18v drill battery and go “Do I have hot glue?!”

The coolest cosplay I fixed this year at Dragoncon was this alien from The Fifth Element. It was their first build and they drove 16 hours down from New York to share it with us. Unfortunately, on Sunday of the con the joints holding it onto the cosplayer came undone and I had to rush there to put them back together. I love working on cool cosplays like this because every shot I see of cosplays I’ve helped fix I feel like I had a part of the awesome. I see them later in the con and go “Hey! I put that back together!” It is a cool feeling.

COLEY : I’ve been doing this for 4 years and always end up getting something else to add to my kit for the next year. But, The most unusual item I carry is probably a roll of bread tie wire. The most interesting reaction is “You guys are doing God’s work”, followed closely by “Thank you for your service,” lol. But, the best reaction is the pure moment of happiness that people have when they see me and really need something fixed

STEVEN : My most interesting repair this year a large set of wings for a young woman. The frame was constructed out of PVC that was rotating and slipping apart where they connected to her back harness. I had to improvise pins from a coat hanger and press and spin a sharpened piece of metal through the pipes by hand as I did not have a drill. Took a few minutes but in the end, was a success and she could enjoy the con with wings secure.

ALAN : One of the most interesting fixes I had this year was a Mr. Mime cosplayer who ran up to me saying “Help! my balls keep dropping!” in reference to the big red balls he has on his body. Got a good laugh out of that one as I was sewing them back onto his suit.

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