Cosplay Parents

Steve Rogers Captain America & Peggy Carter from the “First Avenger” Cosplayers : Cosplay Parents

Our Steve Rogers Captain America & Peggy Carter from the “First Avenger” movie seems to be the most favorite cosplay, for us and our fans. Our fan fiction is that Steve survives the arctic crash, he and Peggy got married and started a family. All while Peggy becomes Strategic Scientific Reserve (S.S.R.) Director, with Steve by her side as her field officer. We guess fans recognize our fan fic happy ending that Captain Rogers and Peggy could grow old together or appreciate the fact that we’re an older couple, happily married cosplaying couple. We became peoples’ #relationshipgoals.

As much as we love seeing people smile, laugh, or make happy with our cosplay, we now look forward to meeting and making so many wonderful new friends and how welcoming the cosplaying community has been to us – by both the younger and older generations.

We still can’t believe that people will recognize us at the comic cons, Disneyland Resorts, or other events. We’re still very humble about this whole thing but we’re having a blast while doing it! Cosplaying makes us feel young and motivates us to think of more cosplays we can do.”