Crepuscular (Janet)

Our favorite event at Sakuracon is cosplay chess so we were trying to think of a good pair for the late night game. We both love the tv show Parks and Recreation and joked that we should make Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin then we realized how good they would be for chess.

Honestly, we bought every thing which is a huge change of pace for us but it was super relaxing to have a no pressure costume.

There was a lot more attention than we thought it would be. We usually have big elaborate costumes and Janet and Burt were met with equal or maybe more attention.

During cosplay chess we acted out one of the scenes from the show in which Janet slaps Burt. I (jazzy) got so nervous when I got ready to slap Dustin that I ended up slapping him so hard that his sunglasses went flying across the board. Both his face and my hand stung the rest of the night and people were concerned about me actually hurting him.

I have a lot of health issues that keep me from working a normal job so cosplay has pretty much become my life and one of the cornerstones of our marriage. I spend all day sewing while Dustin is at work and when he gets home we work on everything else. We do everything together from finding the source by gaming or watching things to crafting ourselves to death to get all of our projects done.

You don’t always have to stress yourself to insanity to have a great time in costume. Some times the fun involved with running around in silly casual costumes is just as great as the attention you’d get in really intense costumes. Both are awesome for separate reasons and I think having both keeps things fun and helps avoid the burnout from only doing intricate costumes.

—- CrepuscularCosplay

Photo : bachevarra

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