Cullen’s Workshop

Cullen’s Workshop (Atlanta, GA)

It was 2011 when I first started getting interesting in making things like props. Skyrim and Captain America had come out that year. I remember it was just after Halloween and I had stumbled into a Spirit Halloween store and ran across a discounted cracked Captain America shield for like two dollars. It was so thin and flimsy I wound up looking online on how to fix it. I don’t remember where I found it but someone recommended a two part resin.

I went to the local hobby store, bought a small kit, mixed the whole batch and coated the whole back of the shield with it and embedded some handles into it. I knew nothing about the heat it would put off, it caused the shield to warp, but I kept it, painted it, and I still have it today.

After that and more searching online on how to do Stuff I ran across the pepakura, the 405th forums, and a pepakura maker named zombiegrimm. From there I started making stuff out of card stock, fiberglass resin and bondo. A year or so after that I ran across Twitch and the creative section there. I got to see so many people make a variety of stuff and ask them questions and have them answer in real time. I met so many people in that community and learned so much from them. I got to interact with so many people from sculptors like shannonvanpelt, to prop makers and cosplayers like revchumley, evilfx, soloroboto, hoku props, I got to see people like Imperial, Fiercekittenz, and tock custom sew. It was such an eye-opening experience for me I just dove into it and started trying all the things I could

Dragon Con was my first con. It was amazing I remember the parties, the sleeping in, Bob and Carl on the TV. Grabbing some Starbucks and heading down in the early afternoon to the board game room in the Hilton basement. Meet so many people there before the party atmosphere of the con kicked off in the evenings. While the con has changed for me, it’s still as much fun as it ever was. The people I hang out with there has changed, some stopped coming. but there are always new people to meet and new experiences to have. It’s still the best con in my opinion, And I still try to get everyone to go at least once.