Cutiepiesensei (Supergirl)

Supergirl was interesting because I did not expect it to be as well received as it was. I originally wanted to do it honestly because I just wanted a simple superhero costume. Something that wouldn’t take long and was a character I actually liked. I hadn’t seen a whole lot of new 52 Supergirl cosplays, so I took a shot at it. One thing that I noticed missing from a lot of female superhero costumes that I saw in male costumes was the use of dye sublimation suits to show muscle shading. Instead of just sewing one from blue and red fabric, I ordered a custom pattern from GunHead Designs. I advised him to use darker colors to feel more “real” and less cartoony, and I wanted the man of steel pattern over top to add more texture and depth to the costume. From there I got it printed at fabric on demand, and custom cut the leotard myself. To add dimension I made sure to use different fabric on top of the pattern for the red and gold parts, as well as made a dimensional “S” to go on my chest.

The shoot with Dru actually came before the convention. I knew for a fact I wanted a very Kansas/childhood Clark Kent type of feel, so I did some research and found a relatively nearby farm that was absolutely perfect and used to photoshoots. With some Google searching, I found Dru and fell in love with his images. I sent him an email detailing my costume and my vision and he was totally up for it! It was hot, the grass was itchy, and there were bugs, but it looked perfect on camera. It was our first shoot together and he perfectly understood what I was going for. What can I say? The pictures came out amazing and we’ve been working together ever since! I’ve received some backlash on choosing blonde hair for the costume, but Supergirl is blonde so I did the best I could to be accurate. The first con debut was MomoCon, and by that point the costume was relatively known about by some others. I got amazing feedback and was so happy people were nice. I was super nervous because it was my first time cosplaying a character that didn’t match me in skin tone, but the positivity I got was astounding.

Cutiepiesensei Cosplay´╗┐ 

Photo : AMP Photos

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