DaniBee Cosplay

The Sailor Anna design was the brainchild of MissPaigeChristine (on IG), and I worked to bring her art to life as close to accurate as possible! I was part of a group of 19 women who all cosplayed one of Miss Paige Christine’s Disney-Sailor mashups (she’s drawn about 50 total sailor mashups!!) for DragonCon 2019.

Photo : marc.overcash

I made the Sailor elements (bows, collar, glove & shoulder rolls) following the Cosmic Coterie tutorials/patterns. The skirt was entirely self-drafted, and the most challenging element to me. Getting the right shape to mimic the original illustration was important, so it took a bit of trial and error! The design details of the costume are a mix of Cricut glitter iron-on, hand painting, and embroidery!

I have been in group cosplays before, but never with NINETEEN women! It was certainly a challenge to get 19 people coordinated for meetups and photos, but I learned so much from those talented ladies, and already look forward to my next group cosplay!

Cosplay for me only just started in April of 2018, and it’s completely changed my life! I have made dear friends, have learned SO much from other talented cosplayers, and have challenged myself to skills and projects I couldn’t have dreamed of! I love what cosplay has brought to my life, and I’m constantly excited for my next project!

—- DaniBee Cosplay

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/marc.overcash/

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