Deela Designs (Golden Menu)

Golden Menu costume was so fun! I had an amazing crew but the people that know Fifth Element were so excited about us. The people that didn’t know who I was specifically were even funnier, I got called Princess McDonalds multiple times, and one woman even asked if the police were my bodyguards. I’ve also never heard so many McDonalds puns in one day.

I’ve wanted to cosplay from Fifth Element as long as I can remember. It is one of my all-time favorite movies, the character designs are fantastic and eventually, I’ll make my way through doing more characters. I always tend to be drawn to the more obscure things so doing a Golden Menu girl was always a high priority for me, and when my friends started making the fifth element police officers it seemed like a perfect opportunity to do one of my dream cosplays.

Jean Paul Gaultier original concepts for the Golden Menu girls was actually a romper jumpsuit with roller blades, so even though I wanted to be accurate you never actually see her bottom half so I took some creative liberties. Since I was wearing this to a convention in Seattle in the middle of March I didn’t really feel like freezing (or breaking any ankles lol). I went the route of a mermaid style skirt, I felt like it had the most Fifth Element vibe to it. My top half was a corset I made with steel boning to give everything the right shape, and the wig is pretty much a styrofoam ball, 2 wigs, and a bottle of hair glue.

Cosplay had been amazing for so many reasons, it has allowed me out of my crafting comfort zone (sewing) and pushed me to try so many new skills. It has allowed me chances to travel, and experience new things, but the most important thing for me has been the friendships I’ve made along the way. I’m surrounded by the most talented, and incredibly kind people I know and it is all because of Cosplay.

—– Deela Designs

(Fifth Element police are BHCosplay and son and Foam Friction Studios . Korben Dallas is @wildkarde (IG)

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