Delta Major

Aku from Samurai Jack // Cosplayer : Delta Major // Photo : Typicalcyd

Aku is the 4th creation from My Helmet Series of Mask Dresses. In this Cosplay series, I take the iconic mask and face from well known comic book, pop culture and anime characters and turn them into wearable avant-garde fashion or as I like to call it #CosFashion. I’ve previously created a Venom, Kaneki Ken, & Wolverine Mask Dress; so Anime NYC was the perfect con to debut Aku with my partner as Samurai Jack.

Fellow con goers loved my Aku Mask Dress! As I walked through the con (side ways like a crab ’cause the horns were huge) people would shout “AKUUU!” or ask where Samurai Jack was (in a panel) but I told them “I flung him into a portal to the future where my evil is law!” I think they love my take on Aku but more so the nostalgia of it all, especially since I had a BlueTooth speaker on my back that played the original Theme Song on loop. Along with the much appreciated compliments to my partner and I people also shared that they loved the show as much and we did. And that’s what cosplay is about for me and why I love it so much. Though our cosplays weren’t traditional or extremely accurate people still love that we love the show and characters enough to bring them to life in our own way.

I made the base for Aku an all black long sleeve mock neck mermaid dress. I then created his face and flames using green, red, white, and black fabric backed with interfacing. I then hand sewed the face and flames onto the dress with my partner’s help. Since Aku is a shapeshifter I want the eye and beard flames to have movement as I walked. The horns are made out of painted EVA foam that I rigged to a body harness.

Anime NYC is a great con for first time folks. It’s not a crowded or overwhelming as some of the larger con but there is still plenty to do and see. They have panels, meet ups, yummy foods, an arcade and lots of fan art and officially merch. My favorite parts of Anime NYC were definitely the arcade but most of all was meeting some of my fans IRL, hanging with old friends and making new ones.