Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord // Cosplayer : DemionKnight // Photo : Me_Rocks_42

Since the first time I saw the anime Overlord I fell in love with the anime and I also then read the light novels and mangas and thought to myself that I wanted to cosplay that character. I was technically going to debut the cosplay at Anime Boston this year but due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t and so Liberty City Anime Con (LCAC) was its first debut.

Something I found funny while cosplaying as Ainz was since the cosplay was taller than myself, my face was at the neck area of the cosplay and still, when anyone would talk to me they would talk to the mask. I was hilarious watching people looking up while talking to me in actuality my face was close to eye level with theirs lol. 

Since I’m not too talented when it comes to creating things >.< I commissioned Superheroes Unlimited to make it for me. I first found them when I went to LCAC 17 and commissioned them to make the final sword used by Kirito in the SAO: Ordinal Scale movie. When I received that prop I was so delighted with how it turned out, that I made them my “go to” when I needed anything cosplay related that I myself couldn’t handle which turned out to be the Ainz cosplay hahaha!

When I asked them to make it for me I let them know that I wanted it to be BIG at least a foot taller than I am, which that would make it about 7’ in total and they delivered! The only part that I modified to the cosplay itself was adding the LEDs for the red glowing eyes, which I thought it needed it to make him look evil muahahahaha! 


Superheroes Unlimited Commissioner: Outlaw 2LK

The Ainz costume was a challenge because of the shoulder bone armor. I had to make a harness, but I like sticking to using EVA foam as much as possible for the entire costume. 

I started w/ designing a harness that will feel comfortable but be strong enough to hold the weight of the support structure of the shoulder armor.

Once I had the main harness completed, I made the base for the shoulder pieces using wood dowels and some thin MDF boards. From there, it was a matter of crafting the shoulders using EVA foam mats and the spheres were acrylic spheres I purchased on Amazon. I painted them red on the inside with some spray tint and spray paint. The red spheres are glued directly to the MDF boards and the armor themselves are secured using velcro.

The face, ribs, and hands were simple patterns I made from scratch and again used EVA foam mats to complete. To give the illusion of the head being empty, I made a head harness that would hold the skull face over the cosplayer. His face would be hidden behind the gold neck collar.

The septre again is EVA foam with a thin PVS pipe on the inside for support. The fabric needlework was done by someone else from SuperHeroes Unlimited.