Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 / Cosplayer : dre.kage / Photo : erikjawsphoto

Cosplay runs deeper than just a hobby with me. From my personal life to all the media I consume cosplay has played a part. I’ve made many longtime friends and it’s a hobby that I feel has a lifelong commitment with me.

I had been going to conventions since 2007, Anime Central being my first but didn’t cosplay until 2009. My group of friends had mentioned doing a Street Fighter group one year but for the next two years they would never follow until the 3rd year and I told myself I’ll do it regardless. My first cosplay was Guy from Final Fight/Street Fighter. It was a new experience going to conventions but it was a whole new perspective going in cosplay. I didn’t get a lot of photos taken of me but it was very gratifying for those who did recognize me. Since then cosplay has been a big part of my life.

I’m a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise and Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorites in the series. Most of the cosplay was purchased off Amazon. I did my homework on getting the right parts for this cosplay cause I wanted to be as accurate as possible. My gun was 3d printed by @monochromatic_cosplay

My friend @_harteattack_ has been a big influence on me with cosplay. He had a ton of patience when it came to teaching me soo much about cosplaying. Me and him have hundreds of hours working next to one another and grinding out our projects. I’ve accomplished so much thanks to him!