Earl & Ariel

Motion Capture Suits // Cosplayer : Earl & Ariel

EARL : About 9 months ahead of C2E2, we were discussing ideas. How do we top the 6ft tall Infinity Gauntlet that we did in 2018 and 2019. I believe we were watching the behind the scenes and saw the footage of them filming.

ARIEL : My sister Anne came up with a concept of the motion capture suits and since I had an Infinity Gauntlet cosplay , it seemed natural that I should be the motion capture Thanos

EARL : Once we agreed that we would both wear the tight and revealing under layer, it was a go and that was the plan. We found out months later that Mark Ruffalo was going to be there, which sealed the deal and there was no turning back

ARIEL : One of the challenges was waking around with Thanos’s head at the proper height of Thanos. I’m 5’3 and the cinematic Thanos is at least 8’. There was too much of a gap and parts may get cut off when people take pictures. I also had lots of trouble bending down for doorways.

EARL : It was fun being “Mark” as I just got to be a person/actor. I didn’t have to worry about a voice or extended motions. We did work on our fighting poses to come close to some of the scenes in the movie. The biggest challenge was having the 3ft pole up the back to support the head and keep it online with our own.

ARIEL : My brother in law (as motion capture Hulk) and I had great responses from con goers. Most recognized us and we got a lot of compliments. One fan was confused because she thought that if she took a picture of us that our outfits would transform to our respective characters in her picture. I had to tell her that we weren’t that good.

EARL : Being stopped to take photos with every character and person was rewarding. 90% of the people knew who/what we were. We got high fives, thumbs ups, and mega props. The vendors also loved it and called us over to their booths to take photos.

We did the Marcel group shot, and all the amazing cosplayers there appreciated the originality and concept of what we did. When we had to leave the shoot early, they told us to stay… but when we told them our photo op with Mark Ruffalo was up, they cheered us on and wanted to hear how he reacted.

That Saturday’s highlight was meeting Mark Ruffalo. We waited in line, talked to dozens of fans and worked our way into the room. When our eyes met with Mark, he let out a massive WOW!!!! And gave me the biggest, strongest handshake I have received in a long time.

ARIEL : The next day during Mark Ruffalo’s panel at C2E2, the topic of his outfit during filming Infinity War and Endgame was brought up. He talked a little about it and then asked if the two guys wearing the motion capture suits he took a picture with the day before were in the audience. We stood up and waved and lucky for us that we had our cosplays on. He asked us to come to the front of the stage and pose for the audience. We were surprised and elated that he called for us. It capped off a perfect convention weekend

EARL : Cosplay is for everyone. I am not a small person. 280lb, 5’11”. If I can cosplay in a body suit and everyone enjoys it, everyone can cosplay in something You don’t need to be the super model cosplayer. You don’t have to spend $10k on it. Get that simple start with your favorite prop, and just enjoy.

ARIEL : Cosplay has taught me that I can attend a con and see it in a whole new way and enjoy it at levels that I never imagined. I’ve met so many other cosplayers that have now become friends that I meet at various cons around the US. I’ve learned to appreciate the artistry And hard work that others have put into their cosplays . I developed a new confidence that I can go out on the con floor and make people smile.