Evil Otto Jr (Aku)

I have been a fan of Samurai Jack since I was a kid and have very fond memories of watching it with my dad. Aku is one of the best villains of all time; like the Joker, Aku can work as both comic relief and a genuine threat to the hero. When I finally got some ideas on how to do the cosplay, I just had to do it!

The head, shoulders, and hands were all sculpted out of EVA foam, patterned using a screenshot from the show, scaled to my height in Photoshop. I walk on 18″ drywall stilts, hidden behind an extra-long skirt. The final costume is 8’1″ tall.

Through cosplay, I have not only found a hobby I have some skill in, but have also made lifelong friends and have traveled all over the country to places I otherwise would never have gone and had experiences I will cherish for the rest of my life.

– Evil Otto, Jr. Cosplay and Props

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