2015 Icon Projects, Cosplay in America V2, Los Angeles, CA

2013 Nancy Dryfoos Gallery, Cosplay in America, Kean University, New Jersey

2012 Icon Projects, Cosplay in America, Los Angeles, CA


2017 Month of Photography, Photo Book Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

         Golden West College Gallery, Capturing Characters Huntington Beach, CA

2014 Skylite Station, Cosplay in Colorado, Denver, CO

2014 New Orleans Photo Alliance, Masquerade, New Orleans, LA

2010 Gallery CS, This is Cosplay , Miami, FL

2009 Todd/Browning Gallery, East to West, Los Angeles, CA


2016 Photobook Independent @ Photo Independent

         Philadelphia Art Book Fair 

         Los Angeles Art Book Fair (Arcana Books booth)

2011 Indie Photobook Library @ Review Santa Fe


Cosplayers Are Just Like You! Only They Buy Lots of Spandex - WIRED.com

I Wrote A Book About Cosplay, But This Guy Wrote A Better One - Forbes.com

"Cosplay in America" opens at the ICON - Madeline Brand Show, KPCC

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  1. Anime Los Angeles (Ontario, CA)

  2. All-Con (Dallas,TX)

  3. Fan Expo Dallas (Dallas,TX)

  4. Comicpalooza (Houston, TX)


  1. Anime Los Angeles (Ontario, CA)

  2. Katsucon Con (Washington DC)

  3. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  4. DreamHack (Austin, TX)

  5. A-kon (Ft. Worth, TX)

  6. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  7. Okashicon (Pflugerville, TX)

  8. Otakon (Washington DC)

  9. RTX (Austin, TX)

  10. STAPLE (Austin, TX)

  11. DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)

  12. Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

  13. London Comic Con (London, UK)

  14. Press Fest ATX (Austin, TX)

  15. Zine Fest Houston (Houston, TX)

  16. Ikkicon (Austin, TX)


  1. Anime Impulse (Pomona, CA)

  2. Anime Los Angeles (Ontario, CA)

  3. Titan Con (Fullerton, CA)

  4. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  5. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  6. Sac Anime (Sacramento, CA)

  7. Senshi Con (Anchorage, AK)

  8. Super Dimension Convention (Torrance, CA)

  9. Sabakon (Las Vegas, NV)


  1. Anime Impulse / Asian American Expo (Pomona, CA)

  2. Long Beach Comic Expo (Long Beach, CA)

  3. Naka-kon (Overland Park, KS)

  4. SakuraCon (Seattle, WA)

  5. Philadelphia Art Book Fair (Philadelphia, PA)

  6. Anime Central (Chicago, IL)

  7. Megacon (Orlando, FL)

  8. A-kon (Dallas, TX)

  9. LA Cosplay Con (Long Beach, CA)

  10. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  11. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  12. San Japan (San Antonio, TX)

  13. Los Angeles Comic Con (Los Angeles, CA)

  14. Blizzcon (Anaheim, CA)

  15. PMX (Pasadena, CA)

  16. DesignerCon (Pasadena, CA)


  1. Katsucon (Washington DC)

  2. NorCal Cosplay Gathering (San Jose, CA)

  3. WonderCon (Anaheim,CA)

  4. Calgary Comic Expo (Calgary, Canada)

  5. Denver Zine Fest (Denver, CO)

  6. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA )

  7. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  8. GenCon (Indianapolis, IN)

  9. AnimeFEST (Dallas, TX)

  10. Long Beach Comic Con (Long Beach, CA)

  11. Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

  12. New York Comic Con (NYC, NY)

  13. Comikaze Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  14. DesignerCon (Pasadena, CA)

  15. Phoenix FanFest (Phoenix, AZ)


  1. Katsucon (Washington DC)

  2. Naka-Kon (Kansas City, MO)

  3. Planet Comic Con (Kansas City, MO)

  4. Anime Detour (Minneapolis, MN)

  5. MTAC (Nashville, TN)

  6. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  7. A-kon (Dallas, TX)

  8. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  9. Power Morphicon (Pasadena, CA)

  10. New York Comic Con (NYC, NY)


  1. Taiyou Con (Mesa, AZ)

  2. Emerald City Comicon (Seattle, WA)

  3. MegaCon (Orlando, FL)

  4. C2E2 (Chicago, IL)

  5. SakuraCon (Seattle, WA)

  6. Anime Conji (San Diego, CA)

  7. Phoenix Comic Con (Phoenix, AZ)

  8. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  9. A-kon (Dallas, TX)

  10. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  11. San Diego Comic Con (San Diego, CA)

  12. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  13. NDK (Denver, CO)

  14. DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)

  15. London Comic Con (London, UK)

  16. KihoriCon (Flagstaff, AZ)

  17. Ikkicon (Austin, TX)


  1. Anime Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

  2. Ohayocon (Columbus, OH)

  3. Katsucon (Washington, DC)

  4. WonderCon (Anaheim, CA)

  5. ComCom (Tijuana, Mexico)

  6. Anime Boston (Boston, MA)

  7. Anime Central (Rosemont, IL)

  8. Animazement (Durham, NC)

  9. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  10. A-kon (Dallas, TX)

  11. AM2 (Anaheim, CA)

  12. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  13. San Diego Comic Con (San Diego, CA)

  14. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  15. Otakuthon (Montreal, Canada)

  16. AniMegaCon (Las Vegas, NV)

  17. Cos & Effect (Vancouver Canada)

  18. Comikaze Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  19. Yaoi-Con (Long Beach, CA)

  20. Youmacon (Detroit, MI)

  21. PMX (Los Angeles, CA)

  22. ReactorCon (City of Industry, CA)

  23. BentCon (Burbank, CA)

  24. Ikkicon (Austin, TX)


  1. Anime Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

  2. Katsucon (Washington, DC)

  3. MegaCon (Orlando, FL)

  4. SakuraCon (Seattle, WA)

  5. Anime Central (Rosemont, IL)

  6. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  7. A-Kon (Dallas, TX)

  8. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  9. San Diego Comic Con (San Diego,CA)

  10. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  11. San Japan (San Antonio, TX)

  12. J-Pop Summit Festival (San Francisco, CA)

  13. DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)

  14. Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

  15. Anime Banzai (Layton, UT)

  16. Long Beach Comic Con (Long Beach,CA)

  17. Comikaze Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  18. Bent Con (Los Angeles, CA)

  19. PMX (Los Angeles, CA)

  20. Ikkicon (Austin, TX)


  1. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  2. SuperCon (Miami, FL)

  3. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  4. MetroCon (Tampa Bay, FL)

  5. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  6. AnimeFest (Dallas, TX)

  7. Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

  8. New York Comic Con/AnimeFest (New York, NY)

  9. Alternative Press Expo (San Francisco, CA)

  10. Long Beach Comic Con (Long Beach, CA)

  11. DesignerCon (Pasadena, CA)

  12. PMX (Los Angeles, CA)


  1. Fanime (San Jose, CA)

  2. A-kon (Dallas, TX)

  3. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

  4. AnimeFEST (Dallas, TX)

  5. Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

  6. Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)


  1. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)