FJ209 (Blastoise)

So, I recently attended Wondercon, and that is where I first showcased Blastoise. While I was there, there were a lot of little kids that were in shock of seeing a real life Blastoise. There was a little girl sitting in a stroller, completely mesmerized by the cosplay. After photos, the mom began to turn the stroller in the opposite direction to leave. The little girl started crying her eyes out because she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay with Blastoise. I found that to be pretty adorable and funny!

When I came up with the idea for Blastoise. The goal was to make him screen accurate while also making him look like a real life turtle. To do that, I researched different types of turtles and tortoises, the different types of shells, and all the different types of scales that they contain throughout their bodies. Plus, I’ve been wanting to branch over more into anime based cosplays for awhile now. For that reason, I picked Pokemon because I grew up watching and playing the video games. As for choosing Blastoise, Pokemon Blue was my very first Gameboy game. In that game, I picked Squirtle as my starting Pokemon, and the more I played the more Blastoise grew into my favorite Pokemon. So, there was a great deal of nostalgia for me in creating this cosplay as well as tackling a new skill set.

To create the costume, I first had to create the proportions. To do that, I made a duct tape mannequin of myself. Then, I layered a bunch of empty water bottles and serran wrap onto the mannequin until I achieved the size I wanted. From there, I covered everything in masking tape to create templates. By using those templates, I was able to transfer all those proportions onto EVA foam. After a lot of gluing and some heat forming, I created the body for Blastoise.

Afterward, to really bring him to life, I began to texture all the scales onto the EVA foam. Using a soldering iron, I carved all the scales into the head, arms, and legs. Then, I used the soldering iron to texture the shell as well. Once all the scales were completed, I put a drop of puff paint onto each scale in order to add an extra bit of depth and texture. Once that was done, I painted everything with a base layer of plastidip. I painted the shell various colors of browns, greens, oranges, and whites to give it a layered look. For the scales, I filled in the cracks with a light blue color, and made the scales dark. This way, the scales were able to pop more and it gave the scales a more three-dimensional look.


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