Pharaoh Atem from Yugioh : Fudgie / Photo : Paul Mike

I came up with Pharaoh Atem when I was Team USA for the Clara Cow Cosplay cup in The Netherlands, Europe. With my competition costume already completed my cosplay partner (VerglasPrince) and I wanted to cosplay from the show Yugioh, yet do costumes that people tend to forget about and never do. So we decided on Pharaoh Atem and Priest Seto. 

The costume part for Atem was made out of stretch knit for the main dress part, gold spandex for the jewelry parts, and a casa print in the front of the dress. The duel disk was made out of eva foam and The Egyptian god cards were carved into it. The duel disk is connected to a gold bracelet that sits on the arm and has a hinge connected so the duel disk can open and close. The wig is a big part of the costume and took the most time. I started with a arda wig as the base, added red craft foam and red felt for start of the spikes, then layered the hair on top it holding it down with hot glue. I added more wefts till the base of the spikes disappeared, then continued adding the black and gold hair pieces to it. The wig alone took me two weeks to make.

Every time I would wear Pharaoh Atem, someone would try to bow before I would stop them. I appreciated the love for Pharaoh but didn’t want them to hurt their knees on my behalf lol