Gabby Nu (Dark Magician Girl)

Yu-Gi-Oh! was one of my favorite series growing up, and I would collect the cards and battle kids in my Tae-Kwon-Do classes. Dark Magician Girl was my absolute favorite card (as well as Blue Eyes White Dragon) and she was on my cosplay dream list since I got into the hobby!

About a year ago I discovered a fan art I drew of DMG as a 9 year old, and made it my goal to finally make the costume! I decided I’d debut it at Katsucon, and began researching how to make it and gathering materials the October before. So the majority of the costume is actually made from EVA foam that’s covered in blue stretch fabric. I didn’t want to make the costume solely out of fabric because I didn’t think it would take shape like I wanted it to, and I didn’t want the hat or arm pieces to look droopy. The EVA foam gave it structure and made it look more cartoon-ish and over the top.

After patterning the foam and gluing it together to get all of the 3D shapes I needed for the arm pieces, hat, boots, and even the shoulder pieces and flaps on the leotard, I just covered them all in contact cement and stretched the fabric over. The pink trim is made of foam curlers because her trim is very cylindrical, and I also covered that with pink stretch foam after the foam chipped terribly when I tried to paint it. The staff is a PVC pipe with clay and a whiffle ball bat! I only was able to wear the costume at Katsucon for about 5 hours, but people really responded well and loved it! I had some issues that I resolved when I wore it again to a local event I was guesting at, but I want to improve it some more before wearing it again!

Cosplay has taught me a lot about what I am capable of creating as an artist. Being able to bring something fictional to reality gives me a sense of reward and immense satisfaction I don’t think I could get from anything else. I’ve made so many friends through this hobby and I truly cherish everything cosplay has done for my life. I feel more confident and driven in my goals, and I will continue to follow this crazy path in my life, wherever it leads me!

Gabby Nu

Photo: U.V Photography

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