George the Jedi

Cabbage Guy from Avatar : The Last Airbender // Cosplayer : George the Jedi // Photo : Harley

People love it! all most all the time someone shouts “mah cabbages” at me! When people stop me I’m sure to pose for them and be the cabbage guy as best as I can be! I have a few stories at Anime Central. There was another cabbage guy so my brother was filming me as I went up and yelled: “This is my turf!!” We then fought a bit then hugged it out! He was super dope and he had a cart!!!! I want to make my own because of him!!

One day I was chilling with some friends in a pool and we were all talking about cosplay. Two of them wanted to do some Avatar cosplay and I wanted to be in a group with them. At the time I was thinking about dyeing my hair white and I was trying to think of what person has white hair in Avatar. After a bit, it hit me and I thought I could pull of this meme of a man!

So my mother helped me make the cosplay she is super dope with sewing like crazy good! Thanks to Patty, my friend who made the vest, the hat, and the green belt! The basket is from my family and the cabbages are from the store – you got to use real ones! The pants are my own cargo pants and the under shirt was first a code lyoko shirt now a work shirt but with the collar cut off! wWhen I walk around, I just go for it and have fun!