Ginger Fox (Articuno)

So many people thought I was Elsa from Frozen. It didn’t help that I was with a friend who was cosplaying Anna. We had kids come up to us and get so excited and I just played along with them to keep the magic. On inside though I was like “no no I am a Pokemon, the most mystic of all birds.” Only one person was able to figure out who I was, but it was still a fun day. This was such a passion project for me that I didn’t really mind the mix-ups because I was just so happy to finally be in that costume. Honestly, I cried a little the first time I had the full thing on. It felt really good to have all my work pay off and turn out so well.

Articuno is my favourite legendary pokemon from generation 1, and I had been wanting to do a Pokemon armour for long time. I came up with my original design for this cosplay by taking inspiration from the Pokemons design and incorporating the most notable features of Articuno, (i.e. the crown, the long tail, and the wings), into making a comprehensive costume. I wanted to look as icy, sparkly, and regal as possible. My initial design changed a lot as I went through the crafting process, the snowflake in the front of the breastplate was added much later, but I’m very happy with how it all turned out.

A lot of time, effort and some heat gun burns! All of the armour pieces are made out of worbla. It was my first time crafting with this material, but it turned out very well. I used black worbla; it’s much easier to mold. I also sandwiched craft foam in between the sheets of worbla to make the pieces more durable and sturdy. The romper underneath is a spandex material. I had to watch a few Youtube tutorials to learn how to make everything successfully. I coated everything in gesso 2-3 before painting with acrylic paint and I sealed the everything with 3 layers of dishwasher mod podge. I prefer this type of mod podge as it is waterproof and has a glossy finish, which was perfect for the icy metallic armour look I was going for. The spear is a wooden dowel with a worbla spear head. I had to buy the wings because I did not have enough time to finish the mechanical ones I’m making, but they will be added when I do some upgrades for this cosplay.

Cosplay is more than a hobby to me at this point. It has allowed me to find a place I belong and a family that loves and supports me no matter what. I’m so grateful for everything this community has given me and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

—- Ginger Fox Cosplay

Photo: Tessa Erickson

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