Kite Man from Batman // Cosplayer : @gingerbeerdcosplay // Photo : @slashworthfx

I’ve been a huge fan of Batman and most Batman-related media ever since I was a child. As of a couple years ago, Tom King’s run of Batman revived the otherwise Z-lister Kite Man into a tragic character who eventually becomes the mastermind behind the unraveling and ultimate end of the War of Jokes and Riddles. After reading this storyline, I knew I had to cosplay him. So to get the basic outline I bookmarked various pages where Kite Man’s outfit is more clearly detailed (think closeups and full body shots). I cherry-picked the elements that visually I preferred; for example, I went with the helmet instead of the bodysuit cowl and picked the pink visor for his goggles instead of the yellow. Kite Man was often seen committing petty crimes saying his strange catchphrase of “Kite Man! Hell Yea!”. So whenever anyone recognizes me it is usually acknowledged as “Kite Man!” to which I’ll respond “Hell yea!” much to everyone’s delight.

The base body suit is an upgraded zentai suit from zentaizone using a green power ranger pattern I bought online. While the suit was being made I found the helmet and goggles from a skiing website, as they had the perfect color combinations, right down to the correct pink visor. With the help of my partner (her IG is @slashworthfx) we were able to cover up any front facing logos. Using EVA foam I cut out a diamond shape to place on the forehead of the helmet. The yellow gauntlets are reused EVA foam gauntlets from my Yellow Lantern Scarecrow cosplay. (I try to reuse pieces where I can to cut down on costs and waste). The “boots” are actually yellow elastic boot covers, which allow me to walk in comfortable shoes. The chest “armor” is a Chinese dirt-biking safety gear, logos also covered and yellow EVA foam diamonds. And finally, the kite on my back is exactly that, a kite I found in the right color that can be attached-detached to the back of the chest piece as needed.

I’m a terrible traditional artist, cannot sculpt, and I cannot play an instrument to save my life. Cosplay for some reason, just clicked with me and I believe that has mostly to do with the end product always being a goal towards a character I legitimately love. Every character I cosplay has resonated with me in some way or another, otherwise I would not want to spend time, money and effort on that cosplay. I am more confident, I’ve made some new friends and it is even made me explore some new places I may have not otherwise been.