GiveWave Studios (The Prowler)

I’ve always had a thing for villains, and after seeing Into the Spiderverse it was either I did KingPin because of how absurdly blocky and massive he was or Prowler because I was very pleased with his re-imagining for the movie and I thought it’d be dope to have a Bluetooth speaker embedded in the costume that played that moody banshee scream soundtrack everywhere I went to freak people out  … Plus he had lights and was more of a challenge (I hate sewing ) so the Prowler it was!

I had a limited amount of time to get him done as I think I’d seen the movie 2-3 weeks before Katsucon so I got some advice from my seamstress friend @curiouslycrimson as to how I should go about the suit, she gave me some pointers and with a game plan in mind that was the first thing I tackled since sewing is not my strong suit ( pun intended ) … I’d bought the action figure on Amazon and that was a big help in figuring proportions and placement of the panels as the screenshots I found online were at extreme angles and a bit unclear sometimes what was where. I made the cape first ( making it, I added some light batting in between the purple/green layers as I wanted it to remain stiff mostly just like in the movie ) … I used an old long john set to pattern the top and bottom of the suit ( he just looks like he’s wearing some fancy PJ’s to me ) and spent a good 2 days putting everything together that was fabric related.

The prop/armor stuff came after I had the suit done. I attempted to Prototype the boots from existing patterns I’d done for my Killmonger76 cosplay but ended up starting from scratch anyways because the look wasn’t the same and I needed way more room inside the shoe to fit electronics in as I wanted everything to light up exactly like in the movie. Ended up doing 3 layers of and one in pine wood ( for stability ) each with different hollowed out shapes and slots to hold and keep in place different components. The shin piece attached magnetically to the ankle and gave the boot a wide range of motion when I walked.

The gauntlets were also made out of Eva foam but unlike the boots I designed them digitally and laser cut them because I was running out of time. I modeled and 3d printed the light up tubes and ended up doing some slight modifications by hand once all the pieces were assembled to improve the fit on my arms.

Everything was plasti-dipped & painted with some pieces receiving a monochromatic treatment ( the colors shift depending on the viewing angle ) and then lights were added in the form of led strips & micro fairy lights and were controlled by RF remotes so I didn’t have to physically reach for anything.

I mean, how hasn’t cosplay impacted me … it’s how I make a living now … Cosplay has brought so many positive people into my life and is also responsible for my constant striving to better myself as a crafter and as a person. I’ve learned so many new skills from the amazing community that’s willing to share most of their process and secrets right there on YouTube or blogs and also acquired the know-how of lasers and 3dprinting which I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for my interest in cosplay.

GiveWave Studios

Photo (top) : David Ngo (rest) : GiveWave Studios

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