Givewave Studios

The Mandalorian x Demon Slayer // Cosplayer : Givewave.Studios // Photographer : DTJAAAAM

I was inspired by the concept art of @dishwasher1910 on Instagram. I reached out to them, and they gave the ok to recreate their concept in real life. Of course, I took many artistic liberties in creating the physical cosplay as I wanted the build to be a lot more detailed with more references to both series. One of the many ways I did this was the Baby Yoda carriage for example, in the art concept it’s a simple basket, but in my cosplay it’s a combination of Tanjiro backpack box & Baby Yoda’s floating egg shaped metal crib. I also made it modular so I can wear it like a backpack or carry it like a basket.

Costume was made mostly from Eva foam. I have the tutorials for both the Mando helmet and Baby Yoda builds on the GiveWaveStudios YouTube and the patterns are up for grabs on … For the legs I used my soldier 76 base template and heavily modified it to fit the theme, as I wore traditional geta sandals instead of shoes. Some details that folks don’t get to see is the belt is EVA foam and has a bunch of accessories like light up magnetic Mando timed bombs, battery banks, a voice changing speaker for communication, and a leather holster customized for the Mandalorian hand held blaster that I modeled and resin printed in one piece. The chest armor, made from Eva also, is skinned with a brushed Metallic vinyl with a piece of leather attached over it with Chicago screws. The chest plate also has 2 screens that light up and say things like “give” “wave” and other Canon text from classic Star Wars Boba Fett, this is affixed to a handmade leather bandolier and electronics were courtesy of my good friend & “husbandou” @orangegoose  … I made the pants based on some lounge pants I had, same with brown kimono, used an existing piece I had from Japan that patterned to recreate it with materials appropriate for the build. Only thing I didn’t make was the shirt  but already had a black dress shirt in my closet ( did make the white buttons tho’ out of resin, but made them magnetic so as to not permanently alter my dress shirt lol ) 

People really enjoyed it I think ( at least those who got it ) … For the majority of reactions tho’ it was things along the line of ” oh my God it’s baby yo… Wait a minute ” followed by lol’s as they walked past me because it clicked in their heads  … Those for whom it was too good to be true did stop me for pics tho’. But I guess the thing that’s the funniest is that for the majority, people just wanted pics of #babyyozuko and not the whole thing 🤣 so the child def stole the show.