Grizzium (SP//dr)

One funny interaction with con-goers this past weekend was unknown to me while in the costume, and I only realized once my friend told me later. Whenever a kid would take a photo with our Spiderman Spiderverse group, if they stood near my robot, they would gently hold onto one of the fingers of the claws. During these photos, I would stand very still to avoid bumping into the child, so I had no idea this was even happening.

My friends and I had been trying to decide on a group cosplay for ECCC for a while, then we saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and we immediately knew we wanted to do the Spider Fam. Of all the chharacters to build a costume for, the SP//dr suit seemed to me the most unique and challenging. I have been wanting to build an armor costume for a few years now, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The costume is built mostly of EVA foam, and the larger sections have an internal structure of PVC pipe for support. I designed and 3D-printed the claws on the arms so they would snap together without other hardware, then added a system inside to control them from the midsection of the arm. The dome was one of the more challenging pieces, as I had to find a way to darken the inside enough to obscure my face while still being able to see. I ended up airbrushing a few transparent layers then applying a spray gloss to bring the visibility back. I will be putting together a more complete write-up for the build on TheRPF.

I have always been a collector of hobbies and skills, and cosplay has allowed me to use a wide variety of those skills to contribute to a single goal. I think it is important to find something you have a passion for and then nurture that passion whenever you are able, because it is bound to bring you joy. I love to design and create, and if my creations can cause joy for others that is just icing on the cake.

—- Grizzium

Photo : David Ngo

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